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Ever pondered about the genesis of Bullshine Distillery? Well, let me unravel the tale for you. Ken and Wayne, pals of nearly two decades, found themselves at Wayne's birthday bash a few years back. Amidst the festivities, a jug of moonshine made its appearance. With a shared glance and a sip, they both declared, "We could do better than this!" Ken, having recently acquired a farm in West Virginia, provided the perfect setting for their newfound ambition.

Thus began their journey. Weekends spent at the farm were dedicated to perfecting their mash, through countless trials and errors. Eventually, they cracked the code, concocting a mash of the finest ingredients, resulting in the BullShine whiskies you've come to love.

Now, as for the name BullShine? Picture this: a friend telling Wayne and Ken about a deer hunting escapade involving a charging bull. In a moment of jest and inspiration, Ken quipped, "that sounds like Bullshine to me!"

And from that moment on, Bullshine Distillery was etched into history.

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